Now specializing in Medication Management
Now specializing in Medication Management
  • Medication Management

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    Your Partner in Mental Health Medication Management Services

    At Inspira Counseling Center, we understand navigating mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, or ADHD can feel overwhelming. Our prescription medication management services may provide effective solutions and empowerment for those seeking improved well-being.  

    We offer counseling and prescription medication management for conditions including:

    – ADHD & ADD

    – Anxiety  

    – Depression

    – PTSD

    – Insomnia

    – Bipolar Disorder

    Through telehealth sessions, our licensed clinicians and psychiatric nurse practitioners are dedicated to clients’ wellness. We combine mental health counseling with personalized medication plans for holistic, tailored treatment.

    Why choose Inspira?

    – Experienced Team: Our experienced, compassionate therapists  

    – Diverse Services: Individual, couple, family counseling and medication management

    – Insurance Accepted: We accept most Massachusetts insurances for accessibility

    – Flexible Scheduling: Accommodating clients’ busy lives through flexible options

    – Supportive Environment: Prioritizing well-being through a safe, supportive space

    Gain treatment insights by exploring our comprehensive condition resources. Empower yourself with knowledge as you embark on a transformative journey. 

    At Inspira Counseling Center, we are partners in clients’ well-being and mental health. Please contact us to discuss how we may guide you towards improved wellness.